What Causes Darkened Armpits and Should Lightening Them Be a Thing?

Everybody’s underarm skin seems totally different. No matter your pores and skin tone or kind, having a darker armpit space is usually a supply of insecurity for some, nevertheless it’s completely regular says Nanuet, NY dermatologist Heidi Waldorf, MD. “Armpits can look darker from extra pigmentation, thickened pores and skin, or a mixture of each. One of many causes is pores and skin rubbing towards pores and skin within the pores and skin fold. Alternatively, irritation may also be a trigger, for example if a affected person with eczema makes use of a harsh antiperspirant it will probably result in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.” 

Darkened armpits may also be an indication of an underlying medical concern says Melville, NY dermatologist Kally Papantoniou, MD. “It may also be a symptom of diabetes or borderline diabetes,” she explains. “Nevertheless, most circumstances of underneath arm hyperpigmentation are as a consequence of genetic components. In these circumstances normally there’s a robust household historical past of discoloration underneath the arms and on the edges of the neck, for instance.”

Tips on how to Lighten Them 

If the trigger is fixed friction, Dr. Waldorf recommends utilizing merchandise that lower friction. “These merchandise normally include dimethicone, like those used for bicycling or working.” To cut back irritation, she recommends light moisturizers, “or over-the-counter power hydrocortisone cream,” she provides. 

“The pores and skin underneath the arms might be lightened, however this should be achieved gently as a result of it’s such a fragile space,” provides Dr. Papantoniou. “I sometimes advocate an exfoliating lotion like Amlactin and typically will use a prescription hydroquinone. Doubtlessly gentle chemical peels can be utilized to expedite lightning the tone of the pores and skin on this space.”


Razor burn, ingrown hairs and discoloration take a backseat when utilizing Forgotten Skin Care The Original ($36) underarm brightening deodorant cream. Salicylic acid and vitamin C assist even out pores and skin tone whereas a slew of pure hydrators like sunflower oil and vitamin E sooth and nourish pores and skin.

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